Around St John’s

1: Poutine, aka chips–cheese-n-gravey, with pulled pork & bacon and a root beer. How Canadian!

2, 3, 4: Around downtown St John’s. Busy port, cool buildings and murals.

5, 6, 7, 8, 9: Signal Hill. Historic monument and the start of the Trans-Canada Adventure Trail.

10: Cargo ship heading out of St John’s. If you look at the horizon about the middle of the ship you can just make out an iceberg in the fog. Doesn’t look that big does it?

11: Is it a birds nest? Nope, it’s electrical and telephone writing Canadian style!

12, 13: about to try Screech for the first time with Eleni and the list of must do activities when visiting St John’s that the waitress gave us.

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