Unpacking the Bike

Once I’d finally managed to clear customs, it only took an hour, I was finally able to meet Bjorn. Bjorn lives in Antigonish, about an hour and a half from Halifax, and I’m staying with him for a few days. Together we headed over to the Air Canada cargo warehouse to see about getting my bike.

One benefit of having spent so much time in customs is that the last customs agent, that decided not to charge me a deposit for the bike, had pre-cleared the bike. This meant that after getting the from Air Canada we didn’t have to return to customs.

At the warehouse we handed over the paperwork and THREE surprises. First, I got handed an invoice for 2 days storage – $320CAD! It had arrived on Saturday, I got 24hrs free and had to pay for Monday and Tuesday!!! I grudgingly paid up, otherwise I wouldn’t get the bike out, but plan to try and get the money back.

Second surprise, they asked us to bring the truck over to the second door so they could load the crate into the back of it… What truck, we had a small Jeep?! So they agreed to let us uncrate the bike in the warehouse.

The third surprise was, as we stood there waiting for the bike, which one of us was going to catch the tool.  You know, the crowbar and hammer to get the crate open! As we stood there with blank faces and security guard disappeared and reappeared with a small crowbar. Much to my relief it was just big enough to get the job done. Another worked also brought over a skip for the rubbish with his forklift truck.

Uncrating the bike was like having Christmas all over again. It was with immense relief that the bike come out undamaged and started like a dream.

A quick pitstop at Tim Horton’s and to fill up with petrol and we were on the road to Antigonish. My Canadian adventure was finally underway! 🙂

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