Autocom Super Pro AVI with Bluetooth Phone

Whilst I’m on my adventure, I’m going to be doing a lot of hours on my bike over the four months that I’m away. In order to help me pass the time I’ve got an Autocom Super Pro AVI communications unit installed on my bike.  It’s a wired unit that allows me to connect my helmet headset to GPS, phone, bike-to-bike radio and also connect to a passenger headset.  Bluetooth headsets are good but I’ve had my Autocom for years and it just works together without having to fiddle about with buttons on my helmet.

In order to make connecting my phone to the Autocom even easier, especially when it’s in a waterproof case, I’ve installed the optional bluetooth module for the Autocom (BTM-02-A).  Whilst the instructions were apparently clear enough, I did have one minor problem.  I was able to hear music fine and when making a phone call I was able to hear the other person speaking but they were unable to hear me, despite the Autocom picking up my voice.

The problem, it turns out, was confusion over the audio cables that come with the bluetooth module.  For the Super Pro AVI, there is a specific cable that needs to be used.  It’s got a single connector at one end and two connections at the other.  The single connection end is for plugging into the bluetooth module.  My understanding from the instructions was that only one of the other two connections required plugging into the Autocom unit.  However, after playing around (and a patient partner to answer test phone calls) it turns out that both connectors need to be plugged into the Autocom.


The black connector needs to be plugged into AUX 1 and the yellow connector is plugged into AUX2.  In the picture above I have got the audio cable from my Garmin Montana 650T plugged into AUX3. Now I am able to listen to music, make phone calls, hear my GPS turn-by-turn instructions and speak to a pillion.  (I have got a Kenwood TK3301 PMR radio but I’m not taking it on my adventure.)

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