My Office For Four Months

For four months from the end of May I’m going to be swapping my normal office job for a life on the rode. Being a computer programmer, I like my gadgets and my new office on the bike has been fitted out with a few creature comforts to make life on the road a little easier to cope with:
New Office

In the center of the picture is the original dashboard of the R120GSA. To this I have fitted a Touratech cockpit cover with 2two power sockets (Part number: 01-044-0562-0). The main purpose for getting this was a simple method for powering the DeLorme InReach SE.

The InReach is on the handlebars on the left using a RAM Mount that came in the DC Powered Sports RAM Mount kit I bought from Global TeleSat Communications.

On the right side of the handlebars is my phone, a Google Nexus 5. This is mounted in a RAM Mount Aqua Box Pro 20 Large Case (Part number: RAM-HOL-AQ7-2C). The Nexus 5 is a perfect fit in this case. The mount itself is an additional part, U-bolt mount with standard 1″ ball arm and diamond base (Part number: RAM-B-149Z).

At the top in the centre is my GPS. I’ve got a Garmin Montana 650t.  This is a fantastic GPS for adventurers.  It can provide turn-by-turn navigation when you’re on the road, full on-the-trail features such as topo maps, sight-and-go, geocaching, etc.  It’s also got a 5MP camera on the back.  It’s secured in a Touratech lockable handlebar mounting (Part number 01-065-0600-0) with the optional Garmin Montana Power Cradle (Part number: 01-065-0760-0).  The power cradle is required if you want to power the GPS from the bike and also to get voice commands for turn-by-turn navigation.

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