Idea For An Adventure Is Born


Hi, I’m Adrian. I’ve been working software engineer on the tiny island of Guernsey somewhere between France and England since I left University in 2003:

When I started my working life, I also bought my first motorbike. Back then I didn’t realise just how central riding a bike would become in my life. My first foray into motorbike travel started with a short trip to England, shortly followed by an almost successful ride up through Norway and back to visit some relatives. The “almost successful” part of the trip was very nearly the end me. However, someone or something was looking after me that day and after getting the bike back and patching it up again I was back on the road.

A varied and eventful series of mini-adventures has left with a lust for travel away from the rock I’m currently stuck on. Each trip I’ve been on, to France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Morocco, UK and more, has left me wanting more.

The Genesis of an Idea

Two years ago I changed jobs for a two and a half year fixed contract. At the time that seemed like a long time and I would have an age to decided what I would do next. Well, a year and a half later I started thinking about what might come next. An idea started to take shape that this would be the idea opportunity to take some time off work. I haven’t bought a house yet and I don’t have children, so I don’t have any financial burdens; plus I have a very understanding partner! So why not take six months off to go for a bit of a ride around!

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